Turpin House of Horrors Children ‘Improving Greatly’

Louise Turpin's sister gives update on the tortured and starved kids!

Creepy Louise Turpin's Sister Gives Update On Kids' Health
Getty Images (2); Elizabeth Flores

Twisted David and Louise Turpin became the most hated parents in America after authorities claimed the sickos tortured and starved 12 of their 13 children, keeping them captive in chains like animals for years in a cramped, filthy home!

The couple was finally cuffed in January 2018 after a daring escape by one of their teen daughters, who managed to get to a phone and call 911.

David and Louise are currently behind bars in California awaiting trial on nearly 50 counts — including torture and false imprisonment, child abuse and cruelty to a dependent adult. The Turpin parents pleaded guilty on Friday, February 22 to multiple counts of abuse and torture.

Since being taken from their Perris, California house of horrors, the severely malnourished children — now ranging in age from three to 30 — have been enrolled in various programs to integrate them into society.

Elizabeth Flores, Louise’s 42-year-old sister, gave The National ENQUIRER an update on the shaken children.”I’m not allowed to have any contact with the children until after but I am allowed to speak to their lawyers. And they told me that they have improved and developed greatly,” she revealed “All the children are still separated. The younger ones are in foster homes and the older ones are in an assistant living facility.”

She continued to The ENQUIRER, “As much as I love them, I don’t have the resources to adopt them. I have eight kids of my own and my husband is dying. But as their aunt I will always be in their life.”

Elizabeth proceeded to open up about her twisted sister and brother-in-law. “At first I feel like they had all of these kids for attention. So people would be like ‘wow you have 12 kids?!’ But as the abuse increased they hid their kids from everyone,” Elizabeth noted.

“In the beginning, Louise would always come to my place and we would take mini weekend trips, but I was never allowed to go to her place.”

Elizabeth, however, recently to Robert Presley Detention Center to visit the imprisoned couple, where sicko David said, “I hope my relationship with the kids isn’t severed. I hope they come visit me in jail.”