MATT LAUER is trying to pour cold water on our exclusive story in the new issue of The ENQUIRER that he walked out on his wife of 12 years after she furiously accused the Today star of cheating with at least two women.

In comments he made – along with his wife Annette – to People magazine on their website, Lauer claims "I have never moved out. I am not moving out. There is no truth to that."

But in his People denial, he won’t go anywhere near the comments made to The ENQUIRER by his mother-in-law — who confirmed the marital blowup and the fact that Matt has left the family apartment in New York City!

Last week, in our attempt to exhaustively report this bombshell story, The ENQUIRER traveled all the way to The Netherlands and interviewed Johanna Struijk, 67, who told The ENQUIRER that her daughter is doing fine in the wake of the breakup, saying: "It’s OK, she is happy."

Annette’s mom also informed The ENQUIRER that her daughter no longer wears her wedding ring!

While Johanna didn’t want to discuss what triggered the breakup, sources told The ENQUIRER that an enraged Annette accused Matt of fooling around during the Today show’s on-site coverage of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For his part, Lauer counters that he was not out partying and claims he was "in bed most nights by 7:30 p.m."

Lauer should know that The ENQUIRER is standing by our story!

And we also want to point out that while he says he hasn’t moved out of the apartment where Annette and their three children live we find it awfully strange that he’s not leaving from there in the early morning hours to go to work.

We can reveal that our reporters have staked out the apartment in the early morning hours and we haven’t seen Matt exit the place like he did in the past when he was living there.

However, Matt shows up at the Today studios like usual – meaning that he’s coming from another location other than the family apartment where Annette lives with their three kids.

One reason why Lauer is trying to do damage control?

We report in our exclusive story that Matt has allegedly been pressured by NBC execs to keep the marriage going, say sources, since many of the show’s female viewers prefer his image as a solid family man.