Leo Di Caprio and Jude Law did MORE than play together …

They both wore corsets – aka male girdles  – in the Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator.

While Leo was Hughes, Jude played Hollywood swashbuckler Errol Flynn and both were aghast when Oscar winning designer Sandy Powell ordered them into their thinning period-wear.

"Everybody still thinks of him as Jack in Titanic, like a boy," Powell revealed." But he’s a big man, surprisingly. About six foot. I wanted that really nipped in, poker up the back look, as slick as Fred Astaire.

"DiCaprio is naturally (a) slouchy jeans man.  But he looks fantastic in a suit. All men’s evening wear looks much better when they are standing upright, and of course men slouch.

"The corset provides the base for the clothing over the top.

"(DiCaprio and Law) were a bit shocked at first but they want to look good so of course they did it."

Leo must have liked the way he looked as Sandy wardrobed him as well for recent period pic Shutter Island and will be making him a dapper dan as Sinatra.