Former flamer CHRIS EVANS aka the star-spangled Avenger Captain America's stunning confessional about tights and fights.

That Captain America outfit he wears in new blockbuster “The Avengers” isn’t just about big B.O. — box office – but also Body Odor because wearing those red, white and blues is damn uncomfortable.

“It’s tricky because just fighting in that suit is so hot,” Chris told the NY Daily News.

“In one take, 10 seconds of fighting, you start sweating through that suit.

“In the first Cap it was just a helmet. You click it on, you click it off.

 “This one, when you’re in it, you’re f—ing in it. This thing does not come off. It was a real pain in the ass.”

Chris first flamed onto the comic movie scene as The Human Torch in the first two Fantastic Four films which did OK but was not the smash "Captain America" was —  nor the worldwide sensation “The Avengers” is fast becoming.

 “It’s a crapshoot, man, it’s just luck,” Evans admitted.

“The things that change careers and change lives come down to such random chaos, random coincidences.”