IS it true that ASHTON KUTCHER started dating MILA KUNIS before ending his marriage to DEMI MOORE? 
When Ashton became a couple with Mila Kunis in 2012, only a few short months after Demi Moore filed for divorce, speculation was rampant the couple had started their relationship before he ended with Demi.
Nnow that the couple are about to become young parents, an insider spoke to to confirm that the rumors were false and that they did not begin their relationship as adulterers — but that doesn’t mean Moore was happy with their quick hookup.
After Kutcher was caught cheating on Moore on their sixth wedding anniversary in 2012, and his loving father and husband image turned into bad boy overnight, “Demi was crushed and felt betrayed,” a source close to the situation said.
When he hooked up so quickly with Kunis it seemed suspicious, even though they had known each other for 16 years when filming “That 70s Show” together.
But now the source confirms, “Mila had nothing to do with Ashton and Demi Moore’s divorce because Ashton and Mila NEVER had any romantic involvement until after he was done with Demi.”
“When Mila met Ashton she was 14 years old. She was just a little girl and for many years Ashton was a big brother to her. As they got older, he became her best friend. Demi knew this going into the relationship,” the source elaborated.
“Ashton and Mila never saw this coming,” the source continues. “They were best friends their whole lives. They came into fame together. Ashton helped Mila through the Macaulay Culkin breakup. He was always there for her.” 
“This is the first time for either of them that a relationship has come out of a friendship. They feel that they are soul partners and that fate brought them together,” the sopurce said.
Kutcher and Kunis are now engaged and they are expecting their first child together later this summer. Demi is said to be still on the prowl for her next conquest.