KHLOE KARDASHIAN claims she’s happy not being a size 4, but she really hates her queen-size figure and dreads becoming the next Kirstie Alley, say insiders.

“Khloe is traumatized,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s been moaning to her closest pals that she’ll be fat forever, and the constant weight jabs she received while hosting ‘The X Factor’ haven’t made things any better!”

While promoting the diet pill QuickTrim in 2009, the leggy 5-foot-10 reality star claimed to have dropped 30 pounds.

But a year later Khloe, 28, appeared to have packed the pounds back on, and her weight gain sparked so much specula­tion about a possible pregnancy that she eventually told reporters: “I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat.”

Adding to the public scrutiny, beautiful Khloe has been forced to endure the public humiliation of her pregnancy struggles and rumors of her husband Lamar Odom’s wandering eye.

“Her sisters Kourtney and Kim have gotten pregnant while Khloe has continued to undergo pricey fertility treatments,” pointed out the source.

“Besides that, learning that Lamar paid money to watch strippers has been another huge blow to her confidence.”

In the past, Khloe welcomed posing with her svelte sisters, sources say. But she dodged joining them for the Kardashian clan’s Christmas photo last year, and asked that her photo be airbrushed into the picture.

“KHLOE DOESN’T WANT TO BE THE next Kirstie Alley, yo-yo dieting her way up the scale,” the source added. And now Khloe’s weight woes are being compounded by reports that she’s not being asked back to co-host “The X Factor.”

“She hasn’t heard anything definite yet, but Khloe’s been told that producers are against having her back,” said the source. “And that prospect has hit her hard.

“Meanwhile, no matter what she says publicly about her be­ing happier at a higher weight, privately Khloe is tormented.”