OH, BABY! Tormented Tori Spelling is secretly trying to get pregnant in a desperate bid to trap her philandering husband Dean McDermott into staying with her, say sources.

The former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star believes adding to her and Dean’s already big brood of four kids will shore up their troubled marriage, the sources add. “Tori’s off birth control and she’s hoping to be pregnant by the end of the summer,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“But she hadn’t told Dean because she’s worried he’ll nix the family expansion plans. They just recently started being intimate again, and Tori’s hoping that bringing a new bundle of joy into their lives will rescue them from the brink.”

But Tori’s loved ones have warned the 41-year-old mom that the risky plan could backfire – big-time! “When Dean finds out that Tori tricked him into fathering another child, he might consider it a betrayal,” said the source. “That could cause him to take off.”

Meanwhile, insiders say the blonde reality star isn’t putting all her eggs in one basket.

“She’s still talking to divorce attorneys in case her pregnancy plan doesn’t pan out and the marriage crumbles,” divulged the source.

The actress is reportedly preparing to protect her custody rights.

The couple’s marriage was severely rocked last December when reports surfaced that Dean cheated on Tori with 28-year-old Emily Goodhand, a woman he met during a promotional tour in Canada.

Against all odds, Tori has been struggling to hold her family together, in part to spare their youngsters – Liam, 7, Stella, 6, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 21 months.

Tori is so desperate she reportedly bribed Liam with toys and candy to appear on the finale of her latest reality show, “True Tori.” But he still refused to be photographed with his dad.

Still, Tori admits she’s hooked on Dean.

On the May 20 episode of her show she told Dean during a couples’ therapy session: “I’m wildly attracted to you, and that’s the truth.”

Dean replied: “I don’t know why.”

To which the therapist, Dr. Ann Wexler, responded: “In spite of everything, she still loves you.”