Angelina Jolie’s weight has plunged dramatically – and worried friends blame the shocking weight loss on her unraveling relationship with Brad Pitt.

The 5-foot-7 actress is so stressed out that she’s eating very little, and now her weight is getting close to a pin-thin 100 pounds, according to an insider.

"Angelina is so skinny that you can see the bones. She needs to get help before she wastes away," confided the insider.


The ENQUIRER first revealed the growing concern over Angelina’s weight in February when she plummeted to 110 pounds. Since then, she’s lost even more weight, said the insider.

"Friends have noticed sadness in her recently as she struggles to keep her relationship with Brad together.

"She hardly eats anything.

"It seems as if they fight all the time.

"Brad has walked out a number of times, and they were even sleeping in separate beds for a while.

"It’s like the more Brad pulls away from her, the more weight she loses."