Fit Finalist!

Tonya Harding Proud To Have Lost Big On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Added bonus while disgraced Olympian cleaned up her image!

tonya harding dancing with the stars

Tonya Harding is the biggest loser on “Dancing with the Stars” — making up for missing out on the Mirrorball Trophy with claims she dropped “a lot” of weight!

The notorious ice queen — who’s forever tarnished by the Nancy Kerrigan clubbing scandal — made it to the show’s finale, but was bested by champ Adam Rippon.

Though Tonya is crowing about her new figure, she refuses to reveal how much she’s shed.

“I don’t think that’s anybody’s business,” she sniped — but experts figure the disgraced Olympian dropped nearly 
50 pounds of fat while getting to clean up her image!