Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh
Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh

When Hollywood legend TONY CURTIS died, he left nothing in his will for his six children and now they're fighting back to get what they feel is due them from the "worst father in the world"

Sweet Smell of Success superstar Tony Curtis – who had six children and six wives – may have been many things but to his children including actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who said many times he 'wasn't a father' to her and in an Exclusive Enquirer video interview even Tony admitted he "hadn't been the best father in the world."

Now, six months after his death, Curtis – born Bernard Schwartz in the Bronx – didn't leave a single dime of his fortune – estimated to be $60 million.

According to reports, his eldest child, Kelly, has taken legal action to challenge the will and now a second daughter, Alexandra, is pondering a legal attack, hiring  a lawyer to call into question that Curtis' will that was sealed a mere  five months before his death last September.

Reportedly, the two half-sisters will now join forces and appeal. They may be joined by half-brother Benjamin who was so enraged by his father's death he refused to attend the funeral in Las Vegas.

Yet, Tony's will explicitly – and extraordinarily – cuts them out completely, reading: 'I acknowledge the existence of my children . . . and have intentionally and with full knowledge chosen not to provide for them in this last will and testament.'

Instead his sixth wife, Jill Vandenberg, a blowsy, 6ft former lingerie model scored most of Tony's holdings and was also named executor of the estate.

This final decree was not popular with the children.  

Famed daughter Jamie Lee Curtis's rep has declined to comment on the entire sad affair.

"Everything the children should have, Jill has," Tony's 2nd  wife (and Taras Bulba costar) Christine Kaufmann said.  

Christine, whom Tony met during filming of the Gogol epic while married to Janet Leigh, is the mother of both Tony's daughters Alexandra and Allegra.

'I do believe that deep down inside he was a nice Jewish father, and you know that nice Jewish fathers do not disinherit their children,' Christine told the UK Daily Mail.
"Tony was on strong painkillers at the end, and they make you really stoned."

SEE The ENQUIRER video's interview with TONY CURTIS below: