Toni Tennille Slays Daryl Dragon In Shocking Tell-All

Toni Tennille Slays Daryl Dragon

Longtime fans of Captain & Tennille will learn the shocking truth about how love couldn’t keep them together – as Toni Tennille prepares to spill the troubling secrets of her emotionally abusive marriage!

“Toni’s writing her autobiography to let women know it’s never too late to find happiness,” a pal told The National ENQUIRER.

As Toni approached her 75th birthday, the beloved performer realized she needed to move on from her relationship with husband Daryl “Captain” Dragon, said the source.

“They had a complex, somewhat secretive life – with Toni often feeling alone while Daryl withdrew into his own world,” revealed the insider.

“Daryl’s moody, and he would go on about crazy government conspiracy theories, which drove Toni nuts! “Then he would shut Toni out for days, leaving her sad and alone. Her life became intolerable!”

In 2008, Daryl underwent double knee surgery and began to suffer tremors. The following year, Toni revealed that Daryl had a mild form of Parkinson’s.

“Daryl didn’t want to go out in public and be seen using a cane,” her pal told The ENQUIRER.

“They began to grow even further apart. When Toni finally filed for divorce, she found freedom!

“Now she has a new lease on life, and Toni can’t wait to share her journey with all of her fans!”