“Blue Bloods” star TOM SELLECK issues grim warning to fans about pirated MAGNUM, P.I. booty.

Tom who won international fame as the TV Hawaiian private eye, Magnum, confessed he is often approached by fans that have spent a fortune buying Magnum memorabilia online at auction sites and he fears many of them have been duped into buying fakes.

"People are paying a fortune for my shirts. It's a big rip off,” Selleck said.  “The way to know if it's one of mine is if it says Squeak inside on the label.

"This little girl in Manhattan Beach (California) made them, named Squeak."

And Selleck says faux floral shirts aren’t the worst rip-off perpetuated by internet con artists.

 "Everybody comes up to me and says, 'Hey, at auction I just spent $150,000 and I bought your car from the show',” Tom divulged.

“I said, 'There's about 50 people who have told me that and there's only six cars." 

Buyer beware, says Magnum Tom.