Tom Jones Won’t Look At ‘Old’ Wife!

Tom jones old wife sq

Tom Jones has enjoyed adoring fans flinging their panties at him for decades. But now they’re hurling insults at the sex god after a casually cruel slur on his long-suffering spouse!

The Welsh-born singer, 75, says he’s taken pride in his appearance (really, Tom?), but Linda, his wife of 58 years, has “lost her spark!”

“When you’re face to face with somebody, you realize time has gone on,” he said, explaining why he prefers to talk to his wife from far away.

“But when you’re on the phone, we’re both young again. You’re not looking at one another. I’m looking at an old picture I carry around with me.”

The couple wed at age 16, when Linda was pregnant with son Mark. She’s now a virtual recluse, battling depression and emphysema.

Tom still insists their marriage is “solid” and that Linda is the love of his life — despite him boasting he slept with 250 women in one year!

But fans are outraged. “Tom is a selfish b*****d!” charged one. “He thinks he’s God’s gift to women!”

And anothe former follower added: “Look in the mirror, Tom, you’re disgusting!”