Tom Hanks’ Druggie Son Chet Trashes Hillary Clinton

Chet haze instagram videos sq

Tom Hank’s rapper son Chet Haze is fighting his drug addiction and trying to become a political commentator!

The rich-kid thug — whose current drug of choice seems to be chugging down Red Bull — posted a series of weird videos on his Instagram account that puts him at odds with his famous dad.

“Yo, what the f–k is going on with this election, man?” pondered Chet.

“Like, who’s going to be the next President, dude?

“Bernie Sanders should be the President, man, but is he going to win?

“Probably not — but that’s f–ked up!”

Chet also goes after Hillary Clinton, who’s been relying on Tom Hanks as one of her most powerful backers in Hollywood.

“Bernie, see, he speaks the truth,” said Chet.

“And Hillary? I just don’t trust her!”

At least no one can blame Chet of faking his knowledge of the other political candidates.

“I don’t even know their names,” declared Chet.

“They don’t even exist. I don’t even think they’re real people.

“They’re, like, ‘I’m a congressman.’ ‘I’m a governor.’ Dude, why should you be President? Like, get the f–k out!”

Chet’s timing could’ve been better, though.

Tom’s wife — and Chet’s mother — Rita Wilson announced yesterday that she’s “100% healthy” after undergoing a double mastectomy for breast cancer earlier this year.

The ENQUIRER previously reported how the couple had to cope with Rita’s medical crisis while using shock tactics to scare Chet into giving up his heavy drug use.

“Tom should’ve been celebrating yesterday,” said an insider.

“Instead, he has to keep a close eye on his son’s Instagram account while hoping that Chet’s being stupid and not stoned!”