Tom Hanks’ Pal In Overdose Death

TOM HANKS – already worried sick over son Chet’s battle with drugs and alcohol – has been shattered by the heroin overdose death of his friend and mentor, producer Chris Thompson.

Chris, 63, was the mastermind behind “Bosom Buddies,” the 1980s sitcom that made Tom a star and set him on a path to becoming one of Hollywood’s brightest.He died on June 26.

“Chris’ ongoing addiction problems weighed heavily on Tom, especially in light of his own son’s struggles,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER. “Tom fears he’s getting a glimpse of Chet’s fate if he doesn’t clean up his act.”

Tom and wife Rita Wilson put their aspiring rapper son – who has admitted, “I’ve been struggling with substance abuse since I was 16 years old” – into rehab months ago.

Chet, 24, has since announced he was “50 days clean and sober from everything, including alcohol.” But he has not been able to stay entirely out of trouble.

As The Enquirer reported, Chet was recently wanted by British authorities for trashing a London hotel room to the tune of $1,800 after a night of outrageous partying.

Meanwhile, said the source: “Chris had a heavy-duty addiction problem for years.

“Tom, as well as Chris’ ex-girlfriend, actress Téa Leoni, were desperately trying to get him back on track.”

The actor, away filming on location, privately paid for his friend’s final arrangements.

A message from Tom was read at a small memorial in Los Angeles before a gathering of mourners that included Garry Shandling, Penny Marshall, Bob Saget and Ed Begley, Jr. Tom, 59, thanked Chris, saying he wouldn’t have had a career without him.

“Tom’s more scared than ever for Chet,” the insider said. “He doesn’t want his son to end up like Chris.”