Mike Walker

Tom Cruise Has An Attitude That Takes The Cake

Shows off Oscar-worthy willpower with estranged daughter!

tom cruise daughter
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Mike Walker Reports… Unraveling the “estranged”/“not-so- estranged” status between Tom Cruise and Bella – the daughter he and then- wife Nicole Kidman adopted years back – keeps spiraling into a mind- boggling challenge!

But now I’m scooping Tom’s eye- opening truth: “Let them eat cake!”

Dishes My Top Gun Straight-Shooter: “Even though it’s true Tom was not invited to Bella’s wedding, she did let him pay for it – so they’ve definitely reconciled!

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“Now here’s Scoop #2: Daddy invited Daughter to gobble cake at his top-secret birthday bash on a London re-shoot set for ‘Jack Reacher!'”

But Tom showed super-human willpower when his huge tailor-made chocolate birthday cake was dramatically wheeled out, ablaze with festive sparklers, as he cracked: “All this for me? Please, come and get it – ‘cause I can’t eat any!”

… Say WAAAAT? … But even though everyone begged Tom to devour just one teensie bite, he turned into a total hardass, insisting he’d worked waaay too hard whipping his ass into tip-top shape for fans – and wasn’t about to indulge in any ‘risky business!’ ”