Tom Cruise Puts Own Money Where his Ego is!

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Tom Cruise is vying to be Hollywood’s Top Gun in spending as he risks his fortune on his movies and vanity projects, say sources.

The megastar — worth an estimated $600 million — is said to be pumping his own bucks into budget-busting Mission: Impossible 8. He’s also taking a flyer on a film project shot in space!

“Tom has dipped heavily into his own pocket, and when you factor in his lifestyle and future plans, that could leave a huge crater,” says an insider.

Cocky Cruise, 59, sank his own money into the last Mission: Impossible film when it ran $100 million over budget, and the next installment is racking up another big deficit.

“The head honchos are 
on Tom’s tail,” reveals the insider. “They’ve watched 
costs skyrocket past the 
$400 million mark. Tom has put his own money on the table and stands to lose millions if audiences don’t go to see the films.”

Cruise has also joined forces with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to work on a project that will be shot in outer space. He’s set to jump right into that as soon as filming on his latest movie wraps.

Along with sinking dough into his own films, Cruise blows a lot of money on his lifestyle — especially transportation.

“Tom has a fleet of cars and private jet and helicopter that cost him a fortune to maintain,” notes the source.

Still, he’s got money to burn as well as a potential safety net as the poster boy for Scientology.

“Tom is the religion’s figurehead and can always rely on Scientology to have his back,” dishes another insider. “One thing Scientology has 
a great deal of is cash. And I’m sure they’d see any of Tom’s projects as very worthy of investment, should he 
need it.”