Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Battle

Bitter exes TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN are still at war – but now it’s over their adopted kids!

The once golden couple is clashing over 20-year-old son Connor’s wild partying, and how to reconnect with reclusive daughter Bella, 22, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

The two plan to meet, even though they’ve barely spoken since their 2001 divorce.

“Everyone knows they can’t stand each other,” said a close pal.

The issues are Tom’s concerns over DJ Connor’s late nights, and Nicole’s anxiety over Bella’s lack of contact since she moved to England two years ago, sources revealed.

“Tom knows that being a DJ means working late, but he’s not happy with Connor posting photos of himself coming home at daybreak,” said one Cruise buddy.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s upset that Bella has basically cut all ties.

Both parents want Bella in America so they can spend time with her, said Nicole’s friend, adding: “It’s the only thing they agree on.