Mike Walker

Katie Holmes To Tom Cruise: Keep Suri Out Of Showbiz

Furious mom wants her away from the cameras!

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Mike Walker Reports… Despite never making face-to-face visits with adorable daughter Suri, Tom Cruise rarely misses regularly-scheduled weekly chats with his 10-year-old tyke.

But the movie star will risk permanent busy signals if he pisses off Baby-Momma Katie Holmes again!

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Reports My Cruise Controller: “Tom really blew it during a recent chat when he casually asked Suri if she’d like to be in one of his films.

“After hanging up, Suri excitedly told Mom: ‘Daddy wants me to be in his movies!’

“Katie exploded, phoned Tom and raged: ‘That’s the worst idea you’ve ever had!’

Tom Cruise’s On-Set Attitude Takes The Cake!

“As Tom stammered it was all hypothetical, Katie snarled that a showbiz career’s the last thing Suri needs at her tender age — and ripped Tom for making her the ‘bad cop,’ forced to decree that daddy-daughter movies ain’t gonna happen!

“Tom listened quietly as Katie laid down the law — then said, ‘The End!’”