Tom Cruise Hot On Penelope Cruz And Katie Holmes Lookalikes!

Tom cruise getty splash

It’s a “Mission: Impossible” for TOM CRUISE as he tries to choose between two beauties who each resemble a woman from his past!

Sources have claimed to The National ENQUIRER that the movie megastar is trying to make time for BOTH beautiful young assistant Emily Thomas, 22, and 33-year-old Latina media star Jessica Cediel!

“Tom’s torn between these two women,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “It’s bizarre, because sweet and adorable Emily is a dead ringer for Tom’s ex-wife Katie Holmes – and naughty Jessica looks like his former Latin squeeze Penelope Cruz!”

Insiders originally revealed to The ENQUIRER that the 53-year-old star had spent months trying to get more personal with his assistant!

“Tom’s mesmerized by Emily,” said a pal. “He doesn’t care that she has a boyfriend. He still wants to be with her!”

The love triangle between Tom, Emily and her British boyfriend, Alex Roberts, intensified after her boss wouldn’t deny rumors of an on-set romance.

That’s when Emily, in an effort to pacify Alex, changed her Facebook profile to include her boyfriend’s picture!

“He thinks she’s just trying to make him jealous – but now Tom isn’t certain that Emily is the one,” said a source.

The “Top Gun” actor also became seriously smitten after Univision reporter Jessica interviewed him on a recent red carpet.

Eyewitnesses said Tom flirted up a storm with the busty red-lipped beauty while promoting “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” – and then asked an aide to fetch her number!

“She was wearing a tight white skirt that Tom loved,” an observer said.

But Tom couldn’t make time for one gal in NYC – that being 9-year-old daughter Suri.

He was last publicly spotted with her during a Sept. 15, 2013, miniature golf outing in New York’s Adirondack Mountains – more than 600 days ago!

Said a source: “Suri was in the city with her mother, Katie, but there’s no indication that he got together with his daughter.

“It seems all Tom can think about right now is if he’d rather date Emily or Jessica – or maybe both!”