Tom Cruise Falls For Sexy Skydiver

Movie hunk drooling over daredevil British babe!

Tom Cruise Looking Right at Photo of Sian Stokes with Mission Impossible Skydiving at the Top
Getty Images: Paramount Pictures; Instagram

Tom Cruise is head over heels for a sexy 31-year-old blonde he met when she was hired to be the movie action man’s skydiving trainer! Now, The National ENQUIRER can reveal the secrets of their ten-month relationship while shooting his 2018 blockbuster, Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Sources dish the 56-year-old superstar is still crushing on drop-dead gorgeous Brit babe Sian Stokes, who took him under her wing and taught him the tricks of her trade.

“To say he’s head over heels would be an understatement,” tattles a snitch. “He’s still drooling over her.” And the coy beauty, a British National Champion in the daredevil sport, won’t deny she was “impressed” by the handsome hunk.

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“There was a moment when I was sitting next to Tom Cruise on a plane thousands of feet in the air and I thought, ‘My life has definitely changed,’” she admits. The pair got to know each other “really well during the time they worked together,” dishes the source.

Tom was noticeably smitten.

“You’d always see him talking to her and flashing his megawatt smile,” dishes the insider. “She’s definitely his type — tall, athletic, beautiful. “He couldn’t help but stare at her when they were introduced. He was mesmerized. “Usually it’s the women who are wobbly in the knees around him, but Tom was clearly affected by Sian!”

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While they were “super professional when they were working together on the set, it was hard not to notice he liked her,” notes the source. “He was crushing on her big-time.
“He raves that she’s an excellent coach. He’d work with her again in a heartbeat. Falling from the sky with Sian was a thrill for him.”