Career crusher tell-all baby mama RIELLE HUNTER confirmed what ENQUIRER readers knew FIRST- it‘s OVER for her romance with horndog politico JOHN EDWARDS.

Hunter told ABC's "Good Morning America" that she and the former presidential candidate, who were in a relationship until last week, called it quits, in the wake of details from her memoir becoming public.

As The ENQUIRER previously revealed John had begged Rielle not to release the tell-all. Along with a ton of salacious deets, Roelle had called John's late wife Elizabeth Edwards as a "witch on wheels" in the book.

"We are a family, but as of the end of last week John Edwards and I are no longer a couple. Not at all," Hunter told George Stephanopoulos on GMA.

Edwards and Hunter’s love child Quinn, 4, lives with her mother.

Hunter claimed she still loves Edwards despite the difficult split and also insists he still loves her too. "You have to ask him. I think he does," she said, declining to elaborate why.

"That's private," she said. "We decided together to end it. It's hard. It's painful.’

AS The ENQUIRER previously reported their relationship was firmly on the rocks when it was first revealed during Edwards bombshell political trial that he had referred to her as a “crazy slut”. Within a day of Edwards trial being called a mistrial, Hunter announced the publication of her book.

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