Bizarre entertainer Tiny Tim came across as a lovable crackpot — but offstage he was an incredible ladies’ man who seduced women with scripture.

To millions, he is best remembered as the ukulele-strumming, falsetto singer who married “Miss Vicki” on “The Tonight Show.” But he was far stranger than fans ever imagined, according to his former manager and longtime friend Stephen Plym.

In the book “Tiny Tim and Mr. Plym: Life As We Knew It,” which will be available in bookstores next month, Tiny’s manager tells all about one of the strangest performers ever — and he gave The ENQUIRER this exclusive sneak preview of his secret-baring book.


The bearish, scraggly haired singer was attracted to underage girls, and often walked around with as much as $4,000 stuffed into his shoes. Even though he had no medical reason to, he wore adult diapers, which he changed three and four times a day — sometimes in front of sexual conquests.

Although he was a germ freak who lived in fear of public toilets and insisted on plastic utensils in restaurants, Tiny ignored medical treatment for his diabetes and other problems.

Throughout his career, Tiny (real name: Herbert Khaury) was wrongly thought to be gay by many fans. In fact, he had just one early gay experience — which plagued him for years.

“I wrote the book to set the record straight on Tiny,” Plym told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

“Despite his eccentricities, women mobbed him everywhere he went. The real demon in his life — and he hated himself for it — was underage girls.

“But despite being drawn to 15- and 16-year-olds, Tiny never had sex with a minor, to my knowledge.”


However, Tiny — who got married three times — didn’t let his wedding ring stop him from bedding a steady stream of women, says Plym.

“Tiny would invite women to his hotel room and then read them scripture as his own unique prelude to seduction.

“But the sex would be over in a matter of seconds. All his life Tiny suffered from this problem. Once he even tried to treat the problem with the numbing agent Orajel.”

On Dec. 17, 1969, Tiny married 17-year-old Victoria Budinger (aka Miss Vicki) in front of 45 million TV viewers — but afterward he had a surprise for her that sent their relationship into a tailspin.

“After the ceremony, he surprised Miss Vicki by insisting on a seven-day preparation period before sharing their marital bed. During those seven days, he prayed, meditated and became spiritually ready,” Plym told The ENQUIRER.

“Unfortunately, at the end of the allotted time, Tiny gave the green light for his bride to jump into bed — and it was all over in two seconds.”

Tiny and Miss Vicki had a daughter Tulip, but the singer was “completely indifferent” to the girl, reveals Plym.

“After he and Miss Vicki divorced in 1977, Tiny cut off all contact with Tulip.”


Although Tiny was effeminate, he “loved and adored women,” says his manager. “But he was haunted by his one gay experience, which took place when he was a young boy and involved a childhood friend.

“He never repeated it, but it troubled him deeply. He once asked me whether it made him a homosexual.”

Tiny lived in fear of germs. He showered as frequently as four times a day and scrubbed the toilet after each use.

Despite his precautions, Tiny dropped dead at age 64 during a private performance for the mother of his third wife, Miss Sue, and her friends.

“After he fell down on the stage, still clutching his ukulele, someone came up and asked Tiny if he was O.K.,” Plym told The ENQUIRER. “He said, ‘No,’ closed his eyes — and that was it.” — PATRICIA TOWLE