Mike Walker

Tina Fey Wrecks Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Mean Girls’ Comeback

Puts the brakes on fading star's dream for stage musical!

tina fey lindsay lohan mean girls sequel

Mike Walker Reports… Funny girl Tina Fey suffered a barf-inducing reaction when she heard word of Bad Grrrl Lindsay Lohan begging to star in the new stage version of Tina’s megahit “Mean Girls!”

The new production will debut as a live musical in Washington, D.C., this summer — and while even LiLo knows she’s waaay too old to star again as the teenager, she’s still begging to be cast as Tina’s schoolmarm character!

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Prattled My Tina Tattler: “Tina was dumbstruck! Her stage musical version’s taken years to perfect — but now Lindsay wants Tina’s schoolteacher part? It was insane!

“Tina said, ‘OMG, even if we could get Lindsay to show up on time for live performances, I can’t even begin to picture her playing me!” (Oh, LiLo, that’s so not fetch!)

And on an additional note: Tina declared there’d be no original cast members, including her!