COUNTRY’s favorite couple is planning an encore!

The ENQUIRER has learned that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are hoping to adopt a newborn baby – preferably a little boy – within the next year.

“They’d love to have a boy to go along with their three daughters,” a friend revealed. “It’s something they’ve debated doing over the past few years, but they’ve finally agreed to go for it.”

Tim, 47, and Faith, 46, have endured some ups and downs in their 17-year union but have always kept focus on raising their daughters, Gracie, 17, Maggie, 15, and Audrey, 12.

In an interview late last year, Tim admitted that he and Faith had initially planned on having as many as five kids when they tied the knot in 1996. But that all changed with Audrey, who was born two months early, weighed under four pounds and started out her life in a neonatal intensive care unit.

“Faith and Tim are so happy that Audrey made it out of the woods and that she’s grown into a fine, healthy girl,” continued the friend. “But Faith wasn’t about to push her luck with another pregnancy.”

The two have been tossing around the idea of adoption for years, says the friend, but they’ve only decided in the last two months that the timing was right.

“It’s been bittersweet for them to see their daughters become teenagers and need Mommy and Daddy less and less,” explained the friend. “I think the idea of feeling young again by having a little one in the house appeals to them.”

Faith has another reason. She was adopted as a newborn by Ted and Edna Perry, and the source says she wants to give back what she got to a child.

“Adopting a child, in her mind, is a way of pay­ing it forward,” said the friend.

And she’s got the time to do it. While Tim’s singing career continues to chug along – he began a 37-date summer concert tour on May 8 – Faith’s last album of new material came out nearly nine years ago. And her concert appearances ended April 12 when she wrapped up a two-year engagement in Las Vegas performing shows with her husband.

“Faith and Tim plan to start talking to people who are looking to put a child up for adoption,” the friend said. “They really would love for this to happen by winter.”