Crippled Tim Curry’s Tragic Death Wish

Tim Curry must be in a hurry to take his final curtain call!

The 69-year-old “Rocky Horror Picture Show” star , who played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the 1975 cult film, is now using a motorized wheelchair following a stroke — and still SMOKING!

Incredibly, he had a killer pack of cigarettes on his chair when he wheeled out of his Beverly Hills doctor’s office Oct. 14.

“Tim must have a death wish,” says a friend. “Why else would he continue smoking? “Everyone knows cigarettes can kill you — even if you’ve never suffered a stroke!”

Dr. Stuart Fischer told The ENQUIRER: “He must be crazy to do this! Things like tobacco cause inflammation in the lungs and arteries.

“The LAST thing he needs are narrowed arteries in the brain.

“This could cause another stroke superimposed in the same anatomical area of the brain — which will either incapacitate him completely or kill him.”

Tim was felled by a stroke in July 2012 that affected his ability to speak and partially paralyzed him, forcing the star to employ the motorized chair.

Since the medical tragedy, he’s rarely been seen in public.

One rare appearance came back in June at the Tony Awards in the Big Apple, when he was honored with The Actors Fund Lifetime Achievement Award.

Though best known for “Rocky Horror” and roles in films like 1985’s “Clue” and playing the harried hotel concierge in 1992’s “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,”

Tim has also starred on Broadway. He created the title role in “Amadeus,” and starred in the comedy “Spamalot,” in which he played King Arthur, a death-defying hero.

Dr. Fischer, author of “The Park Avenue Diet,” warned the fact that Tim is still puffing means he has “a very serious nicotine addiction that goes beyond the psychological. It’s a physical addiction.”