It’s a pity that poor reality star  Tila Tequila never got to say goodbye to fiancee Q-Tip queen Casey Johnson!

The late Johnson & Johnson socialite’s family wanted a very small private funeral — but Tila, who was engaged to her lesbian love Casey, wasn’t invited.

“Yes her funeral is today and I can’t even see my wife for the last time to say goodbye to her and see her,” Tila told RadarOnline.com.

“It’s breaking my heart… I’m crying so bad, they are horrible, mean people. Sure, one day I can visit her grave but I will never ever get to see her face again to say goodbye and kiss her before they bury her. I can’t talk about this now it’s making me cry.”

Previously, the deeply sorrowful Tequila mugged for photogs in between Tweets and crying jags.