Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren has split from her billionaire beau – and now the golf great’s current squeeze Lindsey Vonn fears he’s eyeing a reconciliation, friends tell The 
National ENQUIRER.

Elin, 34, split from coal baron Christopher Cline after a year of dating – just weeks after The ENQUIRER exclusively reported the dark side of Cline’s empire, including four work-related deaths at his Illinois coal mine.

“Elin grew tired of the relationship, not only because Christopher is under fire, but also because his head was so wrapped up in business she felt like a distant second place in his life,” said a friend.

The breakup also sounded alarms for 29-year-old Lindsey, who’s been dating the lady-slaying linksman since early last year.

The champion skier – who last year divorced fellow Olympic skier Thomas Vonn, her husband of five years – is well aware of her boyfriend’s past.

Tiger's five-year marriage to Elin imploded in 2009 after The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed a secret affair with New York club hostess Rachel Uchitel, which led to more than a dozen women coming forward to claim they also scored a hole-in-one with the 38-year-old 
serial cheater.

Tiger had to make a whopping $110 million payout to Elin in their 2010 divorce, but the pair have since mended fences and share custody of their children, 7-year-old daughter Sam and 5-year-old son Charlie.

Incredibly, they’ve gotten so cozy they even went on double dates with Lindsey and Christopher.

But now that Elin is free again, Lindsey “really fears it’s only a matter of time until Tiger begs her to take him back,” a pal told The ENQUIRER “Lindsey really loves Tiger and wants to make a life with him.

But in their heart-to-hearts, Tiger always talks about what a mess he made of his life with Elin and how he will spend the rest of his life making amends.

“Lindsey knows how much his heart hurts seeing their young kids shuttled back and forth between households and that he is never going to feel whole again until he puts his family back together.”“She fears he’s going to leave her now that Elin is unattached again.” 

Still, the friend says the skier might not have much reason to worry, explaining that Elin “has a very good head on her shoulders and knows she would be courting disaster if she ever took Tiger back.

“Elin is set for life because of the divorce, and the pain of his serial cheating will never totally leave her.

Even before he started dating Lindsey, he tried to win Elin back and she turned him away. “Elin is still looking for Mr. Right, and Christopher just wasn’t him – but she knows that Tiger isn’t either.”

In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, Lindsey’s former father-in-law revealed what her ex-husband really thought about the shocking coupling.

“He took the high road and didn’t want to say anything bad about her,” said Peter Vonn. But news of his ex daughter-in-law romancing such a notorious serial cheater left him laughing when The ENQUIRER mentioned the golfer’s name.