TIGER WOODS and ex-wife ELIN NORDEGREN have reunited in a trial marriage – at their kids’ request!

News of the reconciliation leaked out when the disgraced golfer was photographed with Elin, their daughter Sam, 5, and son Charlie, 4, in Florida recently.

But insiders reveal that the couple patched things up after Sam begged Elin, 33, to let her cheating ex come back home.

“Tiger and Elin have been secretly discussing get­ting back together for several weeks,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“The final straw came when Sam begged Elin, ‘Please, Mommy, marry Daddy again! I want him home with us all the time!’

“It touched Elin’s heart. Since then, she’s spent the night at Tiger’s house several times, but they’re taking it slow.

“Elin wants to ease back into the relationship be­fore she walks down the aisle with Tiger again.”

The couple’s five-year marriage blew up in November 2009 after The ENQUIRER exposed Tiger’s affair with New York party girl Ra­chel Uchitel, prompting a parade of bimbos to reveal their sexual flings with the horny golf champ.

“After that, Elin refused to even look at Tiger, saying the sight of him made her sick,” said the source. “Nannies and bodyguards delivered their two kids back and forth for visitation. But Tiger has never given up trying to win Elin back, and even­tually, she softened enough to speak with him.”

Tiger, 37, forked over a reported $110 million in the couple’s divorce, but as The ENQUIRER has report­ed, he’s offered to sign a $200 million no-cheating prenuptial agreement if Elin would marry him again.

The Swedish beauty countered with a demand that he cough up $350 million – more than half of his $600 million fortune – in a no-cheat prenup before she’d even consider saying “I do” again.

“Instead of crushing Tiger’s hopes, Elin’s offer re­kindled them,” the source added. “For the first time, he began to believe there was a real possibility that Elin might take him back.”

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