Top Gun hotshot TOM CRUISE is back – baring all in sleazy new “Rock of Age” promo!

The "Mission Impossible" kingpin is still making all the right fitness moves, if his bristling beefcake torso on the new poster for Rock of Ages is any indication.

The ageing Tom, 49,  plays the hair band metal  jock Stacee Jaxx for the hard rocking comedy musical.

Producer and director Adam Shankman raved about Tom’s over-the-top perf, saying: 'It's this brilliant mash-up, it seems, of Axl Rose, Keith Richards AND Jim Morrison.”

For those that remember when MTV actually showed music videos instead of Teen Moms the 1980s was THE decade when rockers used more hairspray than their girlfriends.

The film set in 1987 depicts the fall of the hair-band era about to undone by Nirvana post-punk grunge.   

Also in the flick are Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Julianne Hough and Catherine Zeta-Jones ALL strutting their stuff.

"Rock of Ages" opens June 15th.