Terrence Howard’s Sex Disease Torment

Terrence howard getty

Terrence Howard’s ongoing courtroom slugfest with ex-wife Michelle Ghent took a shocking turn when she threatened to reveal he has an STD!

The “Empire” star claimed he only agreed to a large 2013 divorce settlement because Michelle blackmailed him with lurid photos and videos.

He’s now suing to change the agreement, saying it was reached under duress.

And it was under duress that his diagnosis came out. The National ENQUIRER has learned that Terrence, 46, said Michelle threatened to divulge that he has a venereal disease – one that, if revealed, would be fatal to his career.

Terrence wept in court as he confessed his secret torment.

Terrence also related how the couple did drugs and watched pornography together, and how 38-year-old Michelle warned she would publicize a ménage à trois sex tape if he didn’t fork over more support, which already includes $5,800 a month.

This isn’t Terrence’s first fracas. In 2007 The ENQUIRER reported his 2001 arrest for assaulting first wife Lori McCommas. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Michelle requested a restraining order in 2013.

Recently, “irreconcilable differences” split Terrence and third wife Mira Pak. Mira filed for divorce while carrying son Qirin Love, born in May.