History Of Violence!

Terrence Howard: ‘Empire’ Star Defends His Alleged Wife-Beater Past

'Eye for an eye,' he boasts!

terrence howard rationalizes wife beater
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Terrence Howard has finally come to grips with his violent past — and he blames it on his broken home upbringing!

His father, Tyrone, served almost a year in jail after stabbing a man to death at a Cleveland mall — while the families of both men
waited in line for pictures with Santa Claus!

Howard was two at the time he witnessed the incident. Howard’s mother, Anita, divorced his dad upon his release from prison.

Then as a teenager, he saw kids in his neighborhood doing ‘horrible things’ to small animals.

“I’d try and save them and take the beating instead,” recalled Howard.

But he carried his exposure to physical violence into his first two marriages.

He admitted to hitting his first wife, Lori, and his second wife, Michelle, obtained a restraining order against him on the grounds that he hit and kicked her during a family vacation — while threatening to kill her!

Howard claimed self-defense in court in regards to the altercation. Even the judge presiding over the case called Howard the actor a ‘bully’ but still ruled in his favor.

Terrence Howard Beat Me Up!

Now, the man who portrays anti-hero ‘Lucious Lyon’ on TV feels the third time is the charm — marrying third wife, Mira, three weeks after meeting her!

“I’ve made terrible mistakes throughout my life,” said Howard. “But I finally feel I can put that to rest. I can breathe again.”

However, Howard’s twitter followers have been seeing a different side of him through his tweets — where he defends and denies his violent past!

“I’ve never been abusive to anyone in my entire life. I have loved and paid the price for love. I am the same loving being since day 1!,” the actor recently posted. “Having an altercation is very different than abuse… and for the record I never punched her in the face get the facts straight.”

Howard goes on in his tweets about a ‘biased media’ delivering ‘unsubstantiated half truths’ and tells his followers to ‘Stay tuned for some real truth!’

“This double standard that has permitted abusive women to feel that they can assault a man and not reap where they have sowed is wrong!,” claimed Howard. “You come for me, I come for you. Eye for an eye!,” said Howard.