In honor of Elvis Presley's birthday,The ENQUIRER has unearthed a few of The King's hush-hush secrets.

1) Elvis was a twin – but his brother Jesse was stillborn.

2) His dad Vernon's middle name was Elvis.  Like father like son.

3) Elvis actually had brown hair – it was dyed black.

4) He nicknamed his manhood Little Elvis.

5) When Elvis first appeared on television on The Steve Allen Show he was forced to sing "Hound Dog" to a basset hound on-the-air. He flew into a rage backstage.

6) Elvis' controlling manager Col. Tom Parker's real name was Andreas Cornelius van Kuijk.  He was an illegal immigrant from Holland.

7) El's shoe size was 11.

8) Jailhouse Rock had its world premiere in 1957 at the Loew's State Theater in Memphis where El once worked as an usher, tearing tickets.

9)  El's 1960 single "It's Now or Never" affected a jailed prisoner so profoundly he vowed to enter the music industry. Barry White, who was imprisoned for stealing tires, became a R&B superstar.

10) Elvis disliked his nickname of The King often saying "Jesus Christ is the King. I'm just an entertainer."

SPECIAL "SPINAL TAP" NUMBER 11 FACT: Despite the fact Elvis recorded more than 600 songs – he didn't write a single one. El's many songwriters included cult movie director Ed Wood's gal pal Dolores Fuller and blues musician Otis Blackwell.