Jeff Conaway

Reports Friday out of Los Angeles say JEFF CONAWAY has died after an apparent drug overdose that landed him in a coma earlier this month.

Conaway died at Encino Hospital Medical Center after more than two weeks in a coma.

Suffering from pneumonia, he had apparently been unconscious for nearly 9 hours before anyone found him, according to his manager Phil Brock.

Conaway was one of TV's most well-known male sex symbols during the run of the highly rated Taxi comedy series from 1978-81. He played cab driver Bobby Wheeler on the show.

The ENQUIRER was the first to report Conaway had been hospitalized a few weeks ago. His longtime girlfriend Vikki Lizzi told the ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview that the last words she heard from him was: "I'm not feeling well. I'm scared."

Vikki told The ENQUIRER she rushed him into the ER. She said: "After what seemed like forever, a doctor came out and said, 'Vikki, I'm sorry, but he's probably not going to make it.'"

In addition to Taxi, Conaway is remembered for appearing in Grease, and he appeared on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club in 2008, and later Celebrity Rehab where he admitted to being addicted to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol.