Take Your Damn Dirty Paws Off My Charlton Heston Postage Stamp!


Soon you’ll be able to lick CHARLTON HESTON to your heart’s content as the great American actor is getting an official US postage stamp 6 years after his death.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported a grass roots campaign was launched three years ago to get the Oscar winning legend his own stamp in honor of not only his towering triumphs as “Ben Hur”, Moses in “The Ten Commandments” and for waging war on “The Planet of the Apes” but for his long distinguished service career as an American.

While Heston is much maligned for his conservative role as NRA president in his later years, Heston was among the few Hollywood heavyweights who had the guts to march with Dr. Martin Luther King a few decades earlier.

For Heston, be it civil rights issues or the right to bear arms – it all boiled down to one thing – living up to the ideals of the U.S. Constitution.

After a long battle with Alzheimer’s, Heston passed April 5, 2008 after starring in over 100 films – many of them all-time classics. Whether  playing presidents (Andrew Jackson twice!),  religious greats (John the Baptist, Moses), artists (Michelanagelo) or national heroes (El Cid) if you needed a an actor to bring to life on a large than life canvas producers needed a great man —  someone who could bring nobility and depth to complex personalities no matter the era – and that man was Charlton Heston.

Hollywood PR guru Michael Levine had started lobbying for the Heston stamp after revealing he had repped Heston for 20 years to his assistant. The oblivious assistant replied, “Who is Charlton Heston?”

“It pissed me off,” Levine told The New York Post’s Richard Johnson.

A petition drive was launched online by Levine. STAMP OUT CHARLTON HESTON!

Finally, on the sixth anniversary of Heston’s death, he will be honored on a US Postage stamp.

Not featuring one of his many roles, the new stamp will be based on a photo taken by his beloved widow, Lydia Clarke Heston, highlighting the man – not the movies.

The Heston stamp will be unveiled April 11 at the grandest of all movie palaces, the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Heston’s son, Fraser, who made his on-screen debut as the baby Moses in “The Ten Commandments”, will address the star-studded gathering.