World exclusive shocking new pics of brave star Patrick Swayze‘s battle for life!

Patrick Swayze has dropped to a shockingly skeletal 105 pounds and is suffering severe complications from his pancreatic cancer – but the brave star vows to keep acting until the very end.

"Whatever happens, I’ll work till I die," Swayze told family and friends.

The rail-thin, 5-foot-10 actor has been an inspiration, defying the odds and excruciating pain to do his A&E series The Beast.

The 56-year-old performer’s fighting spirit  was clearly evident April 3 as he traveled to a doctor’s appointment. His devoted 50-year-old brother Don helped him make the trip.

Early in his cancer battle, a determined Patrick decided to lead a normal, productive life as much as possible.

"That’s just the way Patrick is," declared a source close to the family.

"He can’t ignore the cancer, but he doesn’t let it stop him from doing what he needs to do.

"His weight has dropped to 105 pounds, and he still has stomach problems and sometimes needs help walking. He also suffers from fluid buildup in his abdomen, which he has to have drained periodically.

"But he’s upbeat and taking everything that happens in stride."

Patrick’s close friend and Ghost co-star Whoopi Goldberg acknowledged that the valiant actor has lost weight, but revealed he is in "good spirits."

"You know what? He’s doing what everybody else is doing – he’s taking it one day at a time," Whoopi said on a British TV show.

"He does not have an expiration date on his backside – none of us do – we just know at some point it’s going to happen, and that’s how he’s looking at it."

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