Why wait for a wedding? Latina TV bombshell SOFIA VERGARA is starting her own “Modern Family” with controlling hubby-to-be Nick Loeb, who’s convinced her it’s time to have a baby!

But Nick doesn’t want his voluptuous honey to lose her famous figure – so the two are planning to become parents through the use of a surrogate.

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that sexy Sofia, 40, and Nick, 37, have already visited twice with reproductive specialists at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles to discuss harvesting her eggs. Their most recent appointment was Nov. 7.

Gestational surrogacy would involve implanting Sofia’s egg, fertilized by Nick’s sperm, into a surrogate through in vitro fertilization.

“Nick wants to have a baby with Sofia, but he doesn’t want her to lose her gorgeous shape,” said an insider close to the couple. “He also doesn’t want to sideline her from earning money.

“Sofia’s red-hot, not just as an actress but as a pitchwoman for both the North American and Hispanic markets.

“She’s got big deals and photo shoots with Diet Pepsi, Kmart and Cover Girl, among others.”

Sofia topped Forbes’ list of top-earning female TV stars this past year with her $19 million haul. And marketing experts predict she has the potential to bring in a whopping $50 million over the next two years. That dwarfs the $15 million her banking heir beau is said to be worth.

Nick is well-aware that his bride-to-be is a hot commodity – and he’s been trying to take control over every facet of her life. As The ENQUIRER reported, he even went behind her back recently and fired members of her support staff!

Sources also say he’s been pressuring Sofia to make questionable investments as well as alienating her from close friends.

“Nick wants to push her more into movies and away from TV,” a source noted. “She has no idea the extent to which Nick is trying to take control of her career and finances.

“He’s treating Sofia more like a bank cash machine than a bride-to- be!

“And Sofia is such a loving, trusting woman that she would never suspect that Nick is using her for her fortune.”

As The ENQUIRER also reported earlier this year, Sofia’s relationship with her hunky boyfriend almost unraveled after we broke the shocking news that he’d cheated on her with a bevy of prostitutes and strippers in wild, cocaine-fueled orgies.

But Nick managed to worm his way back into her good graces and proposed to Sofia on her 40th birthday during a romantic getaway in Mexico – where he pledged undying love AND fidelity.

Still, sources say Sofia isn’t taking any chances. As insurance, she’s insisted that Nick sign an ironclad prenuptial agreement that will net her a cool $10 million if he ever cheats.

“But crafty Nick wanted something in return,” added the source. “And that’s a golden child that will keep him tied to his golden goose.”