Troubling Signs!

Suicide Fears For Farrah’s Druggie Son!

Redmond Losing His Mind Behind Bars Says Godmother.

Inset of Redmond O'Neal Smoking, Eariler Redmond, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal in
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Paranoid junkie Redmond O’Neal has gone bonkers behind bars — and family members are terrified he’ll take his own life if he doesn’t get help soon!

As the tenth anniversary of his mother Farrah Fawcett’s death passed on June 25, Redmond rotted in a Los Angeles jail cell with his mental health deteriorating, according to his godmother, Mela Murphy.

“He just doesn’t have any grasp of reality, what’s happening and why he’s there,” a heartbroken Mela — a hairstylist and makeup artist who was a close friend of Farrah — told The National ENQUIRER.

“It’s really hard and painful to watch, because I’ve seen Redmond when he is lucid — and I remember when he was just a sweet boy who loved to play the drums.” Redmond, 34, has languished behind bars since May 2018, when he was arrested after a seven-day, drug-fueled crime spree that left one man in a coma and another severely injured.

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Redmond O’Neal seen in a police mugshot after being charged with attempted murder among other charges on June 8, 2018. Photo: LAPD

The tattooed felon, who’s served time for a previous drug conviction, was hauled in after cops said he robbed a 7-Eleven at knifepoint for a measly $60 — despite inheriting the $4.5 million estate of his famous mom!

Redmond has yet to be brought to trial on attempted murder, robbery and drug charges, as the court is still deciding on whether he’s mentally competent to stand trial. He faces up to 22 years in prison. He has pleaded not guilty to the robbery charges, but he has not yet entered a plea in the attempted murder charge.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Redmond — whose father is Love Story star Ryan O’Neal — has been placed on suicide watch while in jail and has previously said he’s “lost all hope” for the future.

Adding to his misery, Redmond has admitted that he fears his 78-year-old father, who’s battled leukemia and prostate cancer, will die while he’s behind bars. Redmond was in jail when his mother lost her grueling battle with cancer — and godmother Mela revealed Farrah’s last thoughts were of her troubled only child.

“In the final hours before she died, Farrah repeated Redmond’s name over and over,” Mela said.

“I promised her that I’d take care of him.”