AFTER a horrific 12 months, stressed-out BRAD PITT has packed on a whopping 20 pounds!

Sources say the 6-foot dream boat usually weighs around 170 pounds, but he’s ballooned to a sloppy 190.

“Brad’s well-aware he’s carrying extra weight right now,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER.

“With everything that’s going on, he just hasn’t had time to work out. And let’s face it, his personal life has been far from a walk in the park.”

With critics slamming his reported $400 million zombie flick “World War Z,” the 49-year-old stud has relentlessly promoted it around the globe. The PR blitz comes just weeks after his fiancée Angelina Jolie revealed she’d un­dergone a preventative double mastectomy.

“From the moment he gets up, Brad is on the go 24/7,” said the source.

“While he’s on the road, he’s been in­dulging in his favorite Mexican foods, plus beer and chocolate, and it’s starting to show around his jowls and belly.”

The hunky star  has cut back on his reported pot smoking, but he’s drink­ing more, said the source.

 In the past year, Brad’s reportedly shared boozy nights on the town with buddies George Clooney and Guy Ritchie on two separate occasions in London.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” star also went on a major drinking binge in January and was spotted staggering up to a closed Taco Bell drive-thru at 1 a.m.

“Brad’s drinking is not as bad as it might seem, and he’ll go days without booze, but his bingeing is really starting to show,” said the pal.

“He’s often out of breath and has a pasty pallor that not even a spray tan can hide.”

The father of six slimmed down to a rock-hard 155 pounds for the 1999 drama “Fight Club,” and  he’s vowed to get back in the gym to prepare for his next movie, the World War II thriller ”Fury,” which is set to start filming in September, said the source. “Brad is so ready to put ‘World War Z’ behind him,” added the source.

 “Appearing with An­gelina on several red carpets, and promoting it on his own, has made a huge impact at the box office. “But all those premieres and champagne after-parties has made it impossible for him to stick to a diet or exercise routine.

“Of course, there’s not a woman alive who would mind a bit more of Brad, except Angelina, who likes him slim and trim.”