Funnyman turned action hero, Seth Rogen, is working out so hard – it’s making him sick!

The Pineapple Express self-confessed stoner is prepping for his big screen action debut as The Green Hornet – the Batman like super-hero.

The film doesn’t start lensing until Feb. but Rogen is already hitting the gym hard.

Apparently the gym is hitting back!

"I have a personal trainer now… it’s really hard," Rogen admitted sheepishly. "I exercised to the point where he made me throw up.

"I thought he’d be kind of supportive about it – rub my back, or hold my hair out of my face. There was none of that at all."

The rotund thesp has lost 30 pounds so far.

"I’ll make a fine Green Hornet," he declared.

Just stay away from the fatties, Seth – they cause the munchies, old chum.