Stevie Nicks bought enough cocaine – $1 million worth – to melt a hole in her nose so big she once boasted she could loop a “gold ring … with diamonds” through it!

That’s just one of the amazing revelations about the rock goddess’ out-of-control drug addiction in the bombshell new tell-all, “Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams & Rumours.”

“It’s so painful. I curse the day I ever did cocaine,” the Fleetwood Mac beauty confessed in the tome, obtained by The National ENQUIRER. “Nothing really works in my head right now.”

The “Rhiannon” singer, now 66, describes nosebleeds, blackouts, a cratering career and a doctor warning of brain hemorrhage, or “even an early grave.”

Referring to the height of her romance with cocaine during the 1980s, Stevie told author Zoë Howe: “[He (the doctor) said], ‘It could be the next time you do cocaine. It won’t be pretty.’ It absolutely scared me to death.”

Despite that, the legendary songbird couldn’t stop using, describing the drug-induced euphoria she experienced as “being swept up on a white horse by a prince. There was no way to get off the white horse and I didn’t want to.”

Stevie said her drug use started when a “toot now and then relieved the boredom of long hours in the studio,” as drummer Mick Fleetwood put it.

“Every night [tour manager John] Courage would pour the usual amount of cocaine onto the back of every wrist before the show, the bottle-caps of coke lined up in the wings,” she claimed. During a tour of Europe, the band leased a posh private train to avoid drug searches by customs officials when they traveled across borders.

Stevie’s drug use led to an intervention by family members and Mick, her bandmate and former lover, after a 1986 show.  The “Dreams” singer reluctantly checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs, Calif., under the alias “Sara Anderson.” According to the book, she’s convinced she would have died if she hadn’t stopped her drug use at that time.

Stevie said: “I believe there have been angels with me constantly, or I wouldn’t be alive.”