Crocodile Hunter Animal Abuse Scandal!


Steve Irwin is saying “Oh, Crikey” from beyond the grave!

The family zoo established by the famous “Crocodile Hunter” — who tragically died after a stingray attack in 2006 — is caught in a quagmire of charges of both animal abuse and employee abuse!

Steve left his beloved Australia Zoo to his wife Terri and his children.

But while Bindi Irwin is charming America on “Dancing With the Stars” — and hunting down boys — she’s being accused of neglecting her father’s heritage!

The ENQUIRER has learned that Australia Zoo insiders are suffering along with animals in the animal preserve — with one disgruntled animal doctor saying the zoo’s management “had complete disrespect for the profession!”

Angry insiders have charged that a koala suffered for weeks because an untrained nurse had no idea that the poor animal’s arm was broken!

Reports also allege that an uncaring staff has caused the untimely deaths of a saltwater crocodile, an endangered crested iguana, and a large stork — known as a Jabiru — who was adored by longtime workers there.

Staffers are also outraged over Terri’s lack of interest in her husband’s legacy.

One bitter ex-employee recalled Terri meeting with the zoo staff in July of 2014: “She basically gave a 30-minute speech and talked about herself, and how we were all lucky to have our jobs!”