Steve Harvey’s Shop-til-you Drop Secret Life!

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Harvey Marjorie and Brandi Enjoying a Shopping Day in St Tropez
Spread Pictures / MEGA

TV Favorite Steve Harvey would have a hard time spending all of the money he’s earning — but sources say that hasn’t stopped him from trying!

The 65-year-old star’s estimated $200 million fortune is now being supplemented by an annual income of about $20 million for his courtroom comedy “Judge Steve Harvey,” $20 million from his radio gig, and $45 million from hosting Family Feud.

Harvey’s high-priced spoils include an impressive car collection, with his-and-her Rolls-Royces and a Bentley, all in pristine white. And he spares no expense on pretty much everything else, from clothing to grooming to dining to staff. When he dropped 30 pounds last year, sources say that was a good excuse for a whole new wardrobe.

“He had his tailor in Beverly Hills make him all-new dress shirts, and his closet is now stocked with fitted designer suits by the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford and Fendi,” confides the insider, who adds Harvey’s wardrobe also includes Balmain trench coats, Berluti jackets and Bottega Veneta leather pants. “It’s already set him back $1 million, and he’s not finished yet.”

According to the source, Harvey has more than 500 pairs of shoes, while wife Marjorie boasts well over 1,000. He owns at least 20 Rolex watches totaling more than $2 million.

“Steve’s over-the-top lifestyle includes several vacations a year and trips to the spa,” continues the insider. “He loves to go to the French and Italian Rivieras with Marjorie, on the biggest yacht he can find, of course.”

His assets include several multimillion-dollar mansions, all fully staffed.

“Steve has a real rags-to-riches story and likes to tell people how he used to be so broke he slept in his car,” says the insider. “Now, he makes so much money he doesn’t need to look at prices.”