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Steve Harvey’s Tearful On-Air Meltdown

Host blubbers after losing two shows.

Steve Harvey’s Tearful On-Air Meltdown
Getty Images; Steve (2)

Hollywood reject Steve Harvey blubbered like a baby on air while his career went down the tubes!

The cigar-chomping chump broke down after his Steve talk show was yanked and his Little Big Shots hosting gig went to Melissa McCarthy.

Steve Harvey’s Tearful On-Air Meltdown

“Little Big Shots” episode “Double The Fun” (l-r) Steve Harvey, Brooklyn Rockett, Kadan Rockett. Photo: Getty Images

“When Steve and his wife Marjorie moved to L.A. in 2017, he felt he’d be beaming into homes day and night,” spilled a source.

“But Steve never imagined how quickly he’d be dropped when networks lost interest!” Besides losing both gigs, Harvey invested a chunk of his $44 million fortune to relaunch his daytime show in L.A. He also supports six kids with Marjorie.

The comic cried after a cancer survivor appearing on one of Steve‘s final episodes said God kept her alive just to meet him.

“I can go to heaven now!” singer Duranice Pace gushed.

A weepy Harvey, who did not respond to The ENQUIRER’S request for comment, replied: “You think I’m helping you, but you’re really helping me.”

The host has also confessed he’s battling depression.

“I pull up my morning gratitude prayer and read this list of things that I’m grateful for every day,” Harvey said on his radio show.

“You cannot be depressed and grateful at the same time. I remove all depression and start my day with gratitude.”