Steve Harvey’s Twisted Double Life

Shocking new details about the ‘Family Feud’ host’s controversial past.

Steve harvey secret life
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Steve Harvey’s big goof nearly ruined the Miss Universe pageant — but insiders told The National ENQUIRER officials should have known he’s a walking grenade!

The “Family Feud” host crowned Miss Colombia as Miss Universe on Dec. 20 — then was forced to reverse himself moments later and name the true winner — Miss Philippines!

A shame-faced Steve said he’d misread the cue card, but sources behind the scenes said the host had missed a rehearsal and had also been gambling and drinking before the event even began!

This slip wasn’t the only time he’s caused controversy.

Last year, The ENQUIRER learned his ex-wife, Mary, went public with allegations that Steve was a serial cheater, child abuser and bigamist since their divorce had not been finalized when he wed current wife Marjorie in 2007.

Steve, 58, blasted back with a lawsuit, accusing Mary of running a “smear campaign” against him.

Back in 2002, Steve became engaged in a profanity-laden shout-down with the Rev. Jesse Jackson at a posh Beverly Hills fundraiser.

The two almost came to blows before Steve stormed out shouting the N-word and calling Jesse a “dumba– m—–f—–,” according to a source.

And in 2013, “Family Feud” became embroiled in a murder scandal after a man with a police record auditioned for the show. Hours later, Marcus T. Crosby shot his wife because she refused to attend the tryout, and then shot himself.

More recently, viewers blasted Steve for making sexually explicit comments that made the classic game show unsuitable for children.

As for the Miss Universe gaffe, which instantly went “viral” on the Internet, many wondered whether it was a publicity stunt. One critic noted it happened just months after the pageant was sold to the large talent agency WME/IMG.

A source told The ENQUIRER pageant officials should have been aware of Steve’s controversial past before hiring him.

“Steve Harvey has attracted a lot of trouble in his life,” the source said. “They should have known something extreme would happen with him at the wheel!”