Star Trek Star Uhura’s $10m Cry For Help!

Nichelle Nichols changing will to cut greedy relatives

Star Trek Star Nichelle Nichols Changes Will
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A note written by Star Trek star Nichelle Nichols revealed she intends to change her will to limit her son’s access to her $10 million estate!

The letter, exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER, was revealed after the 86-year-old actress was heard on an audiotape screaming for help amid a guardianship battle with her son, Kyle Johnson, 67, on April 23.

Nichelle — who played Lt. Uhura in the ’60s TV classic — has been battling dementia and suffered a stroke in 2015.

Last summer, Kyle launched a lawsuit alleging Nichelle is being used as a cash cow by hangers-on who are preying on her dementia. But her manager, Gilbert Bell, claimed Kyle is locking her away in her Woodland Hills home so he can get her $10 million fortune! Gilbert has filed an elder abuse complaint on her behalf.

In September, a California judge named Kyle the temporary conservator of Nichelle’s person and put her psychologist, B.J. Hawkins, in charge of her financial affairs. In the note, she stated: “I am amending my last will and trust as you have stated to me several times: ‘I can’t wait to get rid of s–t and sell MY house and property.’”

Star Trek Star Nichelle Nichols Changes Will

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Gilbert told The ENQUIRER, “Nichelle NEVER wanted Kyle in charge of her!”

On the tape, the actress can be heard shrieking: “You get your hands off me! I’m the boss of me, Gil. He’s not the boss of me!”