Star Jones‘ wedding joy was threatened by behind-the-scenes turmoil, a feuding wedding party–and the public humiliation of the bride, say sources.

Star ripped into groom Al Reynolds for reigniting rumors he’s gay–just days before the ceremony. War erupted among the bridesmaids. And “The View” queen’s demands triggered resentment, charge insiders.


The November 13 nuptials to Wall Street banker Al Reynolds became the biggest celebrity wedding fiasco of the year even before the sizable “Bridezilla”–as she was dubbed by the New York press–walked down the aisle at the historic St. Bartholomew’s Church in Manhattan.

“Star was humiliated by Al when she found that only weeks before he went to a Halloween party at a gay-friendly Manhattan club. Al was dressed as a male stripper–wearing a Speedo swimsuit and white bathrobe,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“He went to the club with friends who were dressed like the Village People.”

When Star found out about Al’s shenanigans, she quickly set him straight.

“She told him he should have known better than to go to a primarily gay party dressed in a Speedo for crying out loud! She told him to be more responsible.

“Star says she believes Al when he says he’s not gay and that he truly loves her. But it just doesn’t look right when she leaves town and the next night he’s hanging out at a gay-themed party in skimpy clothes.”


The talk queen enlisted 15 bridesmaids–including Vivica A. Fox and Natalie Cole–from both the East and West Coasts. But just like a rapper feud, hostilities erupted between the groups.

“Star had bridal showers on both coasts–and the ladies were asked to coordinate the events to her specifications,” a wedding insider told The ENQUIRER. “One of Star’s East-Coast bridesmaids told her West-Coast guests not to bring their gifts to the shower but rather just send them to New York.

“Most of the West-Coast shower guests thought that was very tacky, but a coordinator for the East Coast said: ‘Get over it and just send the damn gifts!'”

Confirmed the close source: “There was a great deal of infighting between the bridal shower guests.”


Star–who took wedding freebies from corporate sponsors and then plugged them on TV–angered some guests with her requests for expensive gifts, said the insider.

“She registered at several locations but also requested very expensive things–including a $10,000 silver serving tray from Tiffany and $1,000 bedding from Frette.

“But no one in her inner circle was willing to buy her a $10,000 serving tray.”

The demanding bride also caused hard feelings by thanking many of the bridesmaids for their help–while overlooking some of her dearest friends, say sources. One of them was overheard grumbling, “Well, what about me?”

But despite the behind-the-scenes turmoil, a source confided the wedding guests had a great time, and “everyone agreed Star never looked more beautiful.”