Star Jones

Friends fear the worst as STAR goes super-nova, packing on the pounds in a face stuffing orgy of 5,000 calories a day following a crushing emotional blow less than a decade after undergo­ing weight-loss surgery.

The former “View” co-host was devastated after her boyfriend, executive chef Herb Wilson, moved from New York to Las Vegas for work, because she fears it may signal the end of their relationship. Now she’s stunned those close to her by turning to food for comfort…and gaining at least 37 pounds in just a matter of months!

“Star’s turned back to her first love – food – for comfort,” said a friend.

 “She knows it’s dangerous, but there are days she’s so sad she snacks on junk food all day.

“Star knows over time she and Herb will see less and less of one another and, besides, there are so many beautiful women in Vegas that eventually he will start to date someone else.

“Star feels it’s inevitable.”

Star and Herb dated briefly in 2000 and then rekindled their romance after her marriage to Al Reynolds broke up in 2008.

Now, Star’s friends and family are terrified that she is putting her health in jeopardy.

She has suffered from numerous medi­cal woes in the past, including breathing difficulties and other weight-related issues. In 2003, she under­went “keyhole” gastric bypass surgery in a last-ditch effort to lose weight, and in 2006, she suffered bleeding complications follow­ing breast-lift surgery. Then, two years ago, she had open heart surgery.

Although she’d been doing well with her diet program, sources say Herb’s depar­ture has sent her into a tailspin and she’s turned to her old favorites to deal with the loneliness.

“She loves the breakfast sandwiches from fast food restaurants, mac and cheese for lunch and sometimes a whole pizza for dinner,” revealed the friend.

“But the worst is at night when she’s home alone. She’ll sit in bed, watching TV, downing a couple of double cheeseburgers and orders of fries.

“She’s past the 5,000 calorie-a-day mark but should be eating less than 2,000.”

Star, who admitted weighing 307 pounds at her heaviest, lost about 160 following her stomach bypass. But now she’s pushing 185, with no end in sight, says the friend. “She understands gaining weight for her is especially dangerous, but that doesn’t make it any easier,” the friend added.

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