The bizarre antics of TV diva Star Jones can be exposed in full for the very first time. The View co-host who was nicknamed Bridezilla after her gaudy wedding last year is so demanding she should now be known as FrankenStar, say insiders.

And, in the most personal investigation yet into the 43—year-old star, The National Enquirer can reveal she:

  • WANTS to turn banker hubby Al Reynolds into a househusband when they adopt a child because she is the big breadwinner
  • DEMANDS all her food cans are lined up in alphabetical order on her shelves with labels facing the front
  • INSISTS she didn’t cheat when she quickly lost 150lbs and denies speculation she had gastric bypass surgery
  • HATES dogs, even though she bought a pooch named Pinkie to win favor with pet-loving fans.
  • “Star Jones is an example that hard-nosed greed and super-competitive ambition really are the best way to go,” one of her critics grudgingly admitted. “She’s so over-the-top in asking for what she wants that you actually have to admire her.

    “Certainly she’s not been afraid to set her sights on what she wants from life — and then grab it!”

    Brought up in the projects of Trenton, New Jersey, Star overcame her humble roots to graduate from law school, pass the New York State bar exam and land a job in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. After she first appeared on Court TV in 1991, there was no looking back.

    She joined The View via NBC’s Today show and when she began planning her November wedding last year, she quickly became known as Queen Of The Freebies. The first-time bride appeared to set about getting as much as she could for the least amount of money. She plugged her wedding planner, photographer and travel companies on the air and on her website, reportedly in return for their free participation.

    One of Star’s friends said: “She actually models herself on royalty — she wears a tiara whenever she can. Star loves being larger than life.”

    Tongues were also wagging at the rapid way Star shed weight.

    “Star has now lost 150 lbs — and it happened so fast I don’t think she could have shed it the conventional way through diet and exercise,” said an insider.

    “Her diet still consists of a lot of junk food. Only she eats smaller amounts than before. I think that’s what has led to speculation that she had a gastric bypass.

    “She admits to a breast reduction — but says she never had her stomach stapled.”

    Her hubby’s sexuality has also been a big talking point.

    “There had been gossip about Al being gay before they wed,” said the insider. “The news they may be adopting a baby — and Al will be a stay-at-home dad — has people wondering about those rumors.” The source said that behind the scenes Star can be a nightmare to live with. “She’s obsessed about the way she looks and the way her $2.25 million dollar condo home looks.

    “All the canned goods in her kitchen have to be lined up with the label facing out, and in alphabetical order. And each time a bottle of chilled Cristal champagne is taken from her refrigerator, it must be replaced right away.”

    Star can reinvent herself on a regular basis, said the insider. “She even drags a little dog named Pinkie to events where she knows she’ll be photographed. It’s an effort to appeal to pet lovers — even though she always said she hated dogs and cats,” the insider added.

    A spokesperson for Star said: “We make it a point to not comment on ridiculously untrue stories.”