To quell an online flame war with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone has posted X-Rays of his broken neck.

As the ENQUIRER first reported Stallone broke his neck filming action scenes for new flick The Expendables.  He was tussling with wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin when his neck snapped.

To satisfy doubters and Van Damme, who publicly challenged Sly’s injuries, Sly sent X-Ray images of his neck injury complete with metal plate and screws to the StalloneZone website.

The cinematic warrior, 63, then blogged:

"For the doubters and the haters, a picture is worth a thousand words. You walk the walk, you pay a price. But, as bad as it was at least we have it on film. Keep punchin’. Sly.

"P.S. To the haters, I don’t need to invent pain, there’s enough of it out there to go around.

"P.S.S. The reason I was never seen in a neck brace is because I stayed home for three weeks to heal."

He added a final dig: "P.S.S.S. Van Damme may mean a great deal to some of you, but what he’s putting forth is not truthful."